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Welcome to the MigWiki,
36 articles since opening on March 4, 2005

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The Alliance Chronicles Encyclopedia Project

Welcome to new home of the original MigWiki, the official Wiki-style encyclopedia of for The Alliance Chronicles.

This wiki is open to public viewing only, and is edited only by the author in order to keep all information in the wiki true to Alliance Chronicles canon. If you would like to discuss articles in the MigWiki, please feel free to use the Facebook Alliance Chronicles Fan Page and be sure to reference back to the article you are discussing with a link if possible. If enough interest is generated, a forum could be added to the site at a later date.

Archived articles are still be posted from a previous version of the MigWiki, and new articles are being developed.

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Rites & Traditions
Wars, Battles & Skirmishes

The Alliance Chronicles

Ascension: Book One of The Alliance Chronicles
Book and eBook available at Smashwords
Avenging Angel: Book Two of The Alliance Chronicles
The Phoenix Tear: Book Three of The Alliance Chronicles
The Sword of Draesoneth: Book Four of The Alliance Chronicles
The Revenant Children: Book Five of The Alliance Chronicles
Gods of War: Book Six of The Alliance Chronicles

Alliance Universe Timeline

Beyond The Alliance

Uncharted Territories

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*CANON & SPOILER ALERT* The MigWiki may contain spoilers for The Alliance Chronicles series. Because the author uses this as a main point of reference, you may come across various character and event background that may not have been included in official Alliance Chronicles series. All information provided in the wiki is considered to be canon to The Alliance Chronicles as the series author is the only source of information for the wiki at this time.

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